Top 10 Ultimate Best Automatic Litter Boxes For Your Cat

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Everyone gets busy at times. Trust me, I understand, but your cat won’t when their litter box isn’t clean! My sister and her husband were debating about getting one and seeing that they were on the fence about it, I decided to explain more about the benefits of having one to them. They were sold and eventually got one. And well, they now thank me and say they wish they tried one much earlier!

If you’re on the fence too, let me do you the same favor and explain in more detail about the benefits of getting the best automatic litter box and how to choose a good brand.

Why You Need One:

Perhaps you’re wondering if you really do need a robot box. It may seem over the top, but there are certainly tons of benefits.

Save Time

On top of all the endless work to do each day, plus the long to-do lists of managing a home, there are more things like social commitments and family life. Who wants to waste even more time cleaning their feline’s box? And why would you do it manually when there are so many automated, efficient and not to mention, pretty affordable options out there now? It’s just one of those things that nobody enjoys and is better off being done by a ‘robot’, so to speak.

No More Smell

In my small apartment, there was no other place but to put the box in my room. I hated the smell obviously. These self-cleaning ones help to get rid of the lingering stench.


When you don’t have to scoop, you don’t have to mess with urine soaked litter, harmful bacteria, or dust. You would know that these expose you to harmful germs and can causes sicknesses. Especially when you have children, you’d want to keep a hygienic environment for everyone. Not to mention, it’s a lot more hygienic for your feline too.

Factors You Should Think About:


Some felines like more privacy, and won’t go if you’re watching. There are lots of hooded designs you can purchase to combat this.

Clean Kitty

My pet won’t go in his box if it’s not up to his standard. If you have a fussy feline like mine, make sure you get one that really cleans well.


Felines dig, and some kick litter right out of the box. High walled attachments or designs solve this issue so you might want to keep a lookout for that.

Loud Noises

My feline is a little skittish, so I couldn’t get him something too loud. If your feline is the same, be sure to get one that’s quieter.

Sick Kitty

Felines tend to do loose stools when they’re ill. Most robot boxes can’t handle that unfortunately. There are a few select models that can though. So if your feline suffers from specific health issues that causes it to have loose stools quite regularly, this is something you’d need to consider.

Multiple Cats

Most are fine for multiple pets, but just make sure before you throw out your manual ones.


My Top Recommendations

Petmate Clean Step

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This little dome provides your pet with all the privacy they need in whatever color suits you. The enclosed dome keeps litter and spray from getting out while the filter minimizes odors.

– The steps and mat catch most of the tracked litter
– Contains smell really well
– Muffles sound of felines digging at night

– You might forget to change the litter with the dome covering it
– Most liners won’t fit

Modkat Kit

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There’s no litter tracking with Modkat’s patented design that lets your cat enter from the top. This looks sleek as it blends in, and if you’ve got dogs, you can be sure they can’t get in either.

– Even larger felines fit into the opening easily
– Made of high quality plastic and is easy to clean
– Really reduces litter tracking

– The design of the actual scoop that comes with it can be improved
– Felines might stop burying waste since it is covered

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded

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This cute little design comes in a variety of colors while being large enough for two cats at once. Remove the cover if they don’t like it, and even though you’ll have to scoop, it’s easy to do so.

– The lid clamps on firmly; won’t fall off
– No raised areas that make it hard to clean
– The sides are quite high but you can still see when it needs cleaning

– The plastic does feel a little flimsy
– The clips don’t always keep the top on for rambunctious felines

Portable Side Enter Covered

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This portable design looks just like a cat carrier, and is covered to control those odors. Any digging will be contained while the non-stick surface makes any cleaning simple and easy.

– The seams prevent urine from leaking into small areas
– Prevents felines from peeing outside
– Perfect for larger or multiple felines

– The lip on the front allows litter to sometimes spill out
– Latches are a little small; hard to move it

New Feline Condos Premier

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Get your feline a cute condo made from solid wood, carpet, un-oiled sisal rope, and sonic tubes. You can get it in a variety of colors, and it should be small enough to fit easily.

– Very sturdy; you can even sit on it
– Blends into your home
– Roomy inside

– Carpeting is a bit loose at the top and sides
– Quite heavy to lift

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden

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Now this unique design will blend into your home – it looks just like a potted plant! It’s completely durable too, and designed specifically for large or multiple felines.

– Big felines fit in easily
– Looks good while being affordable
– Very easy to keep clean and prevent odor

– Can’t use bags for easy cleaning
– Takes a while to set up
– A little harder to line up the top and bottom grooves

Tidy Cats

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Tidy Cats makes a sleek little box that will control odor, make cleaning easy with disposable pads and dehydrating pellets. It’s almost completely dust free, so you’re scooping job is safer.

– Easy to clean and get rid of smell
– The urine drains straight into the pad below for easy clean up
– The litter barely gets tracked since they’re hard pellets

– Can’t handle looser stools
– Pellets often get wedged into the holes

Helping Your Cat Get Used to Its New Box

You would think your cat would be at least appreciative after you’ve spent a small fortune buying a good litter box for it. Unfortunately, not all cats will give you a grateful purr!

However, try to understand it from your cat’s perspective. Most of these automatic boxes are run on electricity while some are operated by battery. Plus they usually have motors or rakes. Put all that together, and you will very likely get a bit of a jarring noise when it has to self clean. For most cats, this can be frightening and they might even reject the frightening box completely.

Fret not though and try to be patient.

If your litter box has a hood, you might be able to remove it. Or perhaps, try the opposite and keep it on. Test and experiment to see what is better for your cat. Also be sure to have one that is big enough for it to enter and remain in comfortably.

Try to ease your cat into it by taking slow steps such as putting some of its feces or urine into the box. This will help signal to your cat or gently entice it to do its business in the new box from now on.

Another tip to try is just to leave the new box (unplugged) for a while. Let your cat get used to it and not be afraid of it first. After your cat seems comfortable enough to enter, you can just plug it in and let the box do its work. Be sure to see how your cat responds to that.

To Summarize

There are some definite pros to picking out a self cleaning litter box, but there are some great manual boxes that I’ve found too. Pick out any one of these to save yourself time and effort even if it won’t clean itself. Either way, the proper box will be a huge improvement in your home life.


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