About Us

Cat Nap Store was created by Paul Harvey. Aiming to provide educational content for cat owners, Cat Nap Store also focuses on cat supplies such as cat beds, cat feeders, cat litter boxes and more.

paul harvey founer

The owner of 3 cats, Paul believes that cats are the most interesting creatures and thoroughly enjoys studying cat behavior in his career as a vet.

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

Cats choose us. We don’t own them.

It goes without saying that all animals deserve the utmost care. It’s tough for veterinarians, especially for those involved in small animal surgery. It certainly is a challenge and a good vet (and owner) needs to keep up to date with the right information to keep their cats safe and healthy.

Here on Cat Nap Store, you’ll find expert interviews, detailed cat product reviews and cat care tips. I aim to build the best free resource here for my fellow cat lovers.

So a big welcome to you and thank you for visiting us over here in this corner of the internet. I hope you find something useful and educational here. Above all, I hope you’ll be inspired and feel that taking care of your cats doesn’t always have to be too complicated.