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Everyone gets busy at times. Trust me, I understand, but your cat won’t when their kitty litter box isn’t clean! My sister and her husband were debating about getting one and seeing that they were on the fence about it, I decided to explain more about the benefits of having one to them.

They were sold and eventually got one. And well, they now thank me and say they wish they tried one much earlier!

If you’re on the fence too, let me do you the same favor and explain in more detail about the benefits of getting the best automatic litter box and how to choose a good brand.


If you’re pressed for time and want to know my top pick recommendation right off the bat, look at Litter Robot. Yes, it is one of the higher end models on the market at the moment (I will do a more detailed review on it soon with more photos). But it’s the one that works the best. To be honest, I was sick of spending/wasting hard earned money on the boxes that just didn’t work.

I wanted to buy the best automatic litter box to make my life easier. Not to deal with rakes being stuck, jarring noises and other forms of malfunction in the middle of the night with the other cheaper brands.

So if you want to move right on to the good stuff, check out Litter Robot. You can even get $25 off at the moment so it’s a good time to give it a chance.


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Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews 2020

#1. Litter Robot Open Air

litter robot

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Designed as an innovative solution to scooping, the Litter Robot iii Open Air is the best self-cleaning litter box which uses a rotating mechanism which sifts the litter, afterward dropping the waste into a drawer. This makes disposing of the bag incredibly easy.

Another impressive automatic selfcleaning characteristic is the filtration system located in the vents, which manages to reduce any bad odors. Featuring an indicator light will allow cat owners to know when it’s full; this product is designed to accommodate every size cat, ranging from small to big.

The Litter Robot Open Air has an integrated ergonomic chamber which incorporates a rubber mat aimed at reducing accidental spillage. If you’ve ever worried about your elderly cat not being able to see during night time, the Litter Robot uses a blue LED night which allows for increased visibility, helping make your four-legged friend more comfortable and secure.


  •         It saves on litter
  •         Suitable for cats of different ages
  •         Easy to change
  •         Comes fully assembled
  •         Improved odor due to the integrated vents

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#2. Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing

cat genie

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My #2 recommendation if you want a self cleaning litter box that works great and is a bit more within your budget. Well-known as one of the most innovative solutions on the marketplace, the Cat Genie is a self flushing and self washing cat box. Containing 3 settings, the ‘cat start’ option detects if a pet has used it and cleans it automatically after 10 minutes. The ‘auto start’ ensures that it is cleaned four times per day, whereas the ‘push start’ is more of a manual flush in which you choose when cleaning should happen.

For those who love the environment as much as their cat, the supplies used by this machine include biodegradable cartridges that both clean and sanitize, making for a safer environment for your pet.


  • Ease of setup
  • 3 programmable flushing modes to keep self cleaning box clean


#3. Petsafe Scoopfree Ultra Self-Cleaning


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Featuring disposable litter trays with blue crystal litters meant to absorb any liquids and control odors, the Petsafe Scoopfree self-cleaning is a unique automatic cat litter box. Cat owners now have the option of replacing the Petsafe scoopfree original trays every month or so, depending on how many cats are using it. I love how solid and well constructed its design is – even though it’s plastic. It has a stainless steel metal rake that’s great for scooping. It holds up a lot better than typical plastic rakes that can break.

With this Scoopfree self-cleaning litter box, the rake automatically cleans and pushes any waste into a separate compartment. It can be programmed to do so 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your kitty uses it. This means that you can now adjust cleaning cycles, controlling the odor depending on your preferences. You’ll like the convenience of the Scoopfree Ultra disposable tray. The interface is very user friendly and easy to use and program. You can change how long the cleaning cycle delays and can also monitor how frequently your cat has used the box on any given day. The disposable trays of blue crystals are effective to stop your kitty’s urine from soaking into the cardboard.


  • The automatic unit self-maintains itself for up to two weeks
  • Adjustable cleaning cycles
  • Quieter than other rake-type models
  • Short cleaning cycle (approximately one minute)
  • Uses crystal litters which offer improved odor control and absorption of liquids
  • Disposable tray


#4. Top Entry Litter Box Kit By Modkat

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This self-cleaning litter box by Modkat has a top entry design. This means it can help prevent litter from tracking on your clean floor.  Along with high walls and reusable liners, this litter box keeps debris and litter trapped. It can eliminate offensive odors and potentially harmful toxins. If you want something with great design for your decor, this is it. Its parent brand, Modko, is famous for creating such sleek designs. You don’t have to buy a mat with this one because the locking lid helps to trap excess litter. I love the ergonomic scoop too. If you have dogs, this brand will suit great.


  • High walls, trapping potential harmful toxins and smells
  • Appealing design, which can fit with the most decor in your home
  • Designed as top entry, to help trap litter and debris
  • Long lasting reusable liners


  • Can be high in price


#5. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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This easy to use, super-efficient self-cleaning litter box is one of a kind. Not only is it budget-friendly, it has been designed to get more value for your buck. It is economical and very effective. This litter box self-cleans and does not require electricity or batteries. Although, some may feel there is a downfall by not having reusable liners.

Yet it is still a simple clean up process. All you have to do is roll the self-cleaning litter box to its right side. This helps to separate the litter from the waste. It’s so easy to use that the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box has been nominated as one of the best self-cleaning litter boxes for cats, with multiple reviews supporting it.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly, with a 1-year warranty
  • Self cleans with a simple rolling technique
  • Requires no electricity or batteries


  • Easy to use, pull out waste tray
  • No need for electricity or batteries
  • Affordable


  • Does not include reusable liners
  • You will need space to assist in rolling it on its side for cleaning

#6. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Pet Zone Smart Scoop scoops and dispose of cat waste very efficiently. When you purchase, the unit comes with a disposal unit, litter tray as well as a metal scoping rake. Its built-in sensors help to trigger the auto mechanism about 15 minutes after your cat’s presence. This is really smart actually. It gives time to let the kitty litter gathering into chunks in the tray itself. When the time’s up, that’s when the metal rake starts scooping and brushing.

It then pushes the dirty litter into the disposal unit. And rest assured, this unit is all sealed! Best thing of all? Clean litter is left behind for the next toilet visit!

This self-cleaning litter box comes with a unique carbon filter. It’s very effective at keeping odors away. The motor is rather silent but don’t underestimate it. It’s still very powerful.

Key Features

  • AC power adapter
  • Comes with detachable litter tray
  • Has an extra plastic scoop in case you need to scoop manually
  • 1 carbon filter with 6 plastic waste bags
  • Quiet when operating
  • Easy to put together and use
  • Side walls are high
  • Bigger size for multiple cats


#6. LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box

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This design was made specifically as a litter box for multiple cats. Its durability can accommodate cats of a heavier weight size. With its strong features, this multi-cat box aids to help automate waste management. Not to mention the price is more affordable compared to other high-end self-cleaning litter boxes. It has extra high walls that trap litter well so kitty waste doesn’t get out onto the floor. Featuring an automatic rake that is removable, you’ll like how the motion sensors start cleaning on its own. For safety purposes, there’s even a safety bar in case it gets blocked. This box has a 10 minute cycle that’s adequate enough.

Key Features

  • Strong, durable, and newly improved
  • High sided walls to help trap debris
  • Designed for multiple cats to use at the same time


  • Newly improved, with pricing that doesn’t break the bank
  • High walls, to help prevent debris from falling to the floor
  • Large capacity for multiple cats to use


  • Large in size yet is shorter than most self-cleaning litter box
  • Rake System has been proven difficult to use, according to most reviews


#7. Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box By PetSafe

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This upscale ingenious automated cat litter box features a slow-moving bowel rotation. This slowly moves your cats waste up to a conveyor belt system. In which it will then fully dump the waste in a bin. This technique takes a full hour to perform its duties. Yet, it eliminates the need for sensors or timers.

This convenient design removes the guesswork out of its operations.

Key Features

  • Hands-free, fully automated cleaning mechanism
  • Affordable with a 1-year warranty
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • 6-foot power cord


  • No scooping of litter fully hands-free
  • Cleaning requirements only after two weeks
  • Can be used with recycled bags
  • Inexpensive


  • 15-pound weight limit, not suitable for larger breeds
  • Not equipped with a cover, allowing potential offensive smells


#8. LM580 Classic Series By Littermaid

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The LM580 by Littermaid is a good choice if you are seeking an effective self scooping litter box. It provides an auto rake mechanism. This rake mechanism instantly removes the waste at any time your cat steps on the litter box. You can buy its waste receptacles too. Its small size is perfect for small spaces in homes and can accommodate one kitty at a time. There’s another version called the Littermaid Lm980. Carbon filters help to effectively remove odors.

Key Features

  • Instantly removes kitty waste after every use
  • Nice design, with high walls
  • Equipped with a safety bar
  • Small in size, useful for small spaces


  • Can use any types of litter
  • Fully removable litter rake for easy cleaning
  • Budget-friendly


  • May not be the best choice for larger cats
  • Receptacles have to be purchased separately


#9. Multicat Self Cleaning Litter Box By Nature’s Miracle

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This Nature’s Miracle self washing self flushing design was made to give you absolute versatility in cat waste management. It is also equipped with a delay timer, set for when the cat has finally left the box.

This automatic self-cleaning litter box helps trap and eliminate smells by using carbon filters. Waste receptacles make sure that the mess and odor are covered and contained. One thing I like: there’s even a night light for your cats. How considerate! Easy to set up, this extra large box is great for multiple cats.

Key Features

  • Carbon filters to help eliminate nasty smells
  • 1-year warranty
  • Automatic cleaning after every use
  • Works with any types of cat litter, making it versatile


  • Large space, room for more cat use, or comfort for single cat use
  • Cleans after every use
  • Eliminates offensive Odors


  • Does not include a privacy hood
  • May not be suitable in small spaces, due to its larger size
  • Can be costly


Choosing A Self Cleaning Litter Box: Questions To Ask

kittens with its eyes closed

These automatic litter boxes like Petzone Smartscoop can really do a lot when it comes to helping us save time and simplify our daily chores as cat owners. However, before you dive straight into buying one, make sure you think about these questions first:

  • Is this automatic box suitable for multiple felines or just one?
  • What is your budget? You can get some cheaper automatic boxes or you can get more expensive ones with all the fancy bells and whistles.
  • How big or small is your cat? You need to think about the size of the self cleaning litter box you want to get.
  • How much space do you have? If you live in a smaller apartment unit, you might need a smaller, more compact one. Also, where will you put it?

Every cat is different and every cat owner’s situation (and budget) is different. So do consider these questions before you dive in! What might work for one owner might not work as well for another owner.

How Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Can Help?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you really do need a robot litter box. It may seem over the top, but there are certainly tons of benefits.


They Save Time

On top of all the endless work to do each day, plus the long to-do lists of managing a home. There are more things like social commitments and family life. Who wants to waste even more time cleaning their cat’s self cleaning box? It’s so tiring to deal with vacuums or odors.

And why would you do it manually when there are so many automated litter boxes that are efficient and affordable? It’s just one of those things that nobody enjoys and is better off being done by a ‘robot’, so to speak.

No More Smell

In my small apartment, there was no other place but to put the automatic cat box in my room. I hated the smell obviously. These self-cleaning ones help to get rid of the lingering stench.


When you don’t have to scoop, you don’t have to mess with urine soaked litter, harmful bacteria, or dust. You would know that these expose you to harmful germs and can causes sicknesses. Especially when you have children, you’d want to keep a hygienic environment for everyone. Not to mention, it’s a lot more hygienic for your cat too.

Ultimate Luxury For Your Cat!

Yes, these cats are funny creatures! They don’t ask for a lot but according to PetMD, some cats just don’t really like their average, boring self cleaning boxes (especially if you, the owner, doesn’t find time to empty it out regularly enough!).

Choosing Your Automatic Litter Box: Reviews

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Give Privacy

Some cats like more privacy, and won’t go if you’re watching. There are lots of hooded designs you can purchase to combat this.

Clean Kitty

My pet won’t go in his self-cleaning box if it’s not up to his standard. If you have a fussy cat like mine, make sure you get one that really cleans well.


Cats dig, and some kick litter out. High walled attachments or designs solve this issue so you might want to keep a lookout for that.

Loud Noises

My cat is a little skittish, so I couldn’t get him something too loud. If your kitty is the same, be sure to get one that’s quieter.

Sick Kitty

Cats tend to do loose stools when they’re ill. Most robot boxes can’t handle that unfortunately. There are a few select models that can though. So if your pet suffers from specific health issues that causes it to have loose stools quite regularly, this is something you’d need to consider.

baby kitten on bed

Don’t underestimate the impact of the litter you buy

Now that we’ve taken a look at the best automatic litter boxes, it’s time to discuss the nitty gritty. Everybody has ‘that one brand’ they’ll never buy again, usually due to past mishaps. But no matter how good it is, bad litter can diminish its effectiveness.

Another recommendation: Comparing Litter Genie

What types of litter should you buy then?

You already know some brands are better or worse than others. 

Yes, many of these brands may recommend a certain kind. Or promote their own brand. You can choose to follow those guidelines.

But they may not be the best fit for your pet too. Or, they can be expensive, online order only, or you may need an alternative for when it runs out if it’s hard to find.

It has to clump

If you’re buying litter that doesn’t clump, it’s not going to work out. Automatic litter boxes need clumping litter to efficiently clean. Otherwise non-solid waste will be left behind.

Look for minimal dust

Because automatic litter boxes rely on a bunch of mechanical components to work, take care not to get them clogged. Most automatic litter boxes do some work to compensate for this. That doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue however. Try and find a kitty litter that doesn’t release much dust when kicked up.

Cat comfort… and yours

Look. No matter how fancy the litter you buy is, if your pet is reluctant to use it, it’s a waste. If your feline won’t use say, a finer litter, don’t purchase it solely for the sake of your litter box. And while many auto litter boxes help significantly reduce odor, you still need a little extra.

You don’t want to smell your litter box before you see either. So try and find a kitty litter that has some odor control.

Common questions

Are they safe for my pet to use?

In times past, owners had serious concerns about the safety of self cleaning litter boxes. Now technology has significantly improved and so have the resulting pet products.

Auto litter boxes have sensors to ensure they don’t attempt to begin cleaning while your kitty’s trying to do their business.

Aside from that, cats generally won’t try to enter the kitty litter box when it’s begun self cleaning.

peeping through door

Why won’t my cat use their new automatic litter box?

They never had a problem using the old one.

This problem is the feline equivalent to buying a child an expensive toy only to have them play with the cardboard packaging, isn’t it?

If you’ve just recently gotten the new selfflushing cat box like Catgenie and they’re exhibiting this behavior, don’t worry too much.

Keep encouraging good toileting habits and they’ll often get used to the new box. If the issue continues to occur after some time, you may need to do a little problem solving.

First, are you using the same litter you did with the old one? If not, try switching back to it. If you are, onto the next.

Realize that cats have much more sensitive ears. Is it making noise when not active?

Cats can be skittish, so try and reduce noise. If possible, it may help to lengthen the time between cleanings. This should allow your cat to feel more comfortable using it.

My cat is avoiding leaving excrement right outside the box?

Cats are pretty meticulous creatures. If they’re not making it into the selfflushing cat box, there’s probably a solid reason (and it’s not just out of spite). The most common reason this happens is easily solved, but can be frustrating if you’ve purchased a more expensive litter box. So why do they do it? It almost always comes down to size.

Many are sized incorrectly and end up being too small for their feline users.

Cats can get their paws in the litter. But have the issue of unfortunately placed over hang. Thus, leading to the deposit right outside the litter box.

Can I use ecofriendly or natural cat litters?

Yes and no. Some of these litters are fine to use and work normally. However, a couple kinds can really mess things up.

If it passes through the mechanical raking and cleaning system, it’s fine. But you do want to make sure it clumps well, and fast.

So what biodegradable cat litters are off the table? Pellets.

The two most common kinds you’re familiar with are likely pine and paper pellets. They don’t work well with automatic boxes, especially because they don’t easily pass through the sifting litter system.

Is it better to litter train kittens with an automatic litter box?

While each cat will have its personal preferences, kittens often need a simpler approach. If you’re going to start litter training them with an automatic litter box, make sure the sides are low enough that they can easily go in and out.

Because these litter boxes will have some noise and motion when cleaning, try to introduce the kitten to it when it hasn’t been in operation recently.

Placing it in a comfortable, private area will help then adjust quicker too. Whether you choose to start kittens with a regular or self cleaning litter box is at your discretion. Either way, practice patience and consistency for positive results.

Helping Your Cat Get Used to Its New Litter Box


You would think your cat would be at least appreciative after you’ve spent a small fortune buying a good self cleaning cat litter box for it. Unfortunately, not all cats will give you a grateful purr!

However, try to understand it from your cat’s perspective. Most of these automatic boxes are run on electricity while some are operated by battery. Plus they usually have motors or rakes.

Put all that together, and you will very likely get a bit of a jarring noise when it has to self clean. For most cats, this can be frightening and they might even reject the frightening self cleaning automatic litter box completely.

Fret not though and try to be patient.

If your self cleaning automatic litter box has a hood, you might be able to remove it. Or perhaps, try the opposite and keep it on. Test and experiment to see what is better for your kitty . Also be sure to have one that is big enough for it to enter and remain in comfortably.

Try to ease your kitty into it by taking slow steps such as putting some of its feces or urine into the box. This will help signal to your cat or gently entice it to do its business in the new self cleaning box from now on.

Another tip to try is just to leave the new box (unplugged) for a while. Let your cat get used to it and not be afraid of it first. After your kitty seems comfortable enough to enter, you can just plug it in and let it do its work. Be sure to see how your kitty responds to that.

To Summarize

It can definitely be tricky to pick out a self cleaning litter box, given so many options out there. Pick out any one of these to start with if you have completely no idea! Either way, a proper one will be a huge improvement for your home life. A traditional litter box just didn’t cut it for me anymore.

If you want to know my number 1 top pick self cleaning cat litter box recommendation, check out Litter Robot. Seriously, it’s the best tech you can have for boxes these days and it’s a real game changer – worth every bit. You can even get $25 off now.