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Giving treats to your cat every now and then is a great way to build a bond with your pet. Or to reward them for good behavior. However, having the same treats over and over again can be boring for your pets.

That’s why it’s important to mix it up every now and then with a variety of flavors. But at the same time, healthy treats are always the best as they provide great taste and nutritional value. Here are some tips on how to choose the best cat treats for your furry friend.

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How To Choose A Cat Treat That’s Healthy?

Eating decadent treats can sometimes have devastating effects on your cat’s health, causing problems like diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. But, there’s a way to prevent all that and still spoil your feline friend with all the treats he cares to eat.

Be Moderate

Firstly, it goes without saying that treats should be an occasional thing for your cat. Common sense shows us even in the human experience that too much of a good thing can be bad. So it’s advisable to feed your cats treats only on special occasions and overall, treats should only make up 10% of your pets . The rest of your cat’s diet should consist of good old, nutritious cat food like Soulistic.

Read the Labels

Read the labels on the treats before you buy them to check for nutritional information, just as you would when purchasing your own food. And specifically check for the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) label to confirm that the food has been manufactured according to approved standards.

5 Cat Treats Your Cat Will Love


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This low-calorie treat is molded in the shape of small tubes made for you to insert tablets in, meaning that you can sneak tablets and other meds incognito while your cat enjoys their delicious snack. It does however, contain wheat so you should consider that if your cat is allergic.


Otherwise, this cat treat is really easy to open and serve and it contains healthy natural flavors that your cat will love.

Why Your Cat Will Love This

  • Beware: your cat may get addicted. These come packed with flavor.
  • They take the headache out of taking meds
  • They’re made with your cat’s health in mind, using simple and natural ingredients that’ll leave your kitty with a happy tummy.
  • They’re nice and chewy
  • These treats actually provide great nutrition
  • They’re filling and satisfying
  • Plus, these treats super affordable which means you can keep getting them for your pets more often.


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These cat treats come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors to ensure that your cat never gets bored of them. They have a high meat content following by a relatively high fat content as well, balanced by a minimum amount of carbs in the form of wheat flour. These are combined with vitamin supplements for a completely balanced meal.

Why Your Cat Will Love This Cat Treat

  • The biscuit cat treat has a gooey inside while the outside is nice and crunchy, a real culinary treat.
  • This cat treat has vitamin to supplement your cat’s diet
  • This food comes with a high energy profile that’ll have your cats bursting with energy
  • They’re low in calorie and light on the tummy
  • The variety of flavors means that your cat will always have something new and unique to to look forward to with their treats
  • Another awesome fact about this treat is that their formula actually help to support long term dental health
  • The mouth-watering flavors will definitely improve your cat’s appetite if they’re having problems in that area.

CATMANDOO Dried Chicken Pet Treat

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Catmandoo’s freeze dried chicken treat is an additive free and natural food, that’s great for training cats. Your cats will love the unique consistency and simple flavour profile of this treat, real chicken made real good. Plus it’s purely natural which gives you peace of mind.

Why Your Cat Will Love This

  • The natural flavor is a hit with cats.
  • It’s completely natural and an easy flavor for cats to recognize
  • With no additives or by products added in, this treat makes for super easy digestion and is low in calories as well.
  • The pieces are fairly soft and easy to chew, it is real chicken after all
  • The simple ingredients contained in this treat means that you can serve your cats as much of it as you want.
  • Great food for picky eaters that like simple but delicious flavors
  • You can also sprinkle this on wet cat food as a treat for elderly cats with few or no teeth

Greenies Feline Dental Treat Bundle

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Speaking about teeth, giving this to your cat is a great way to help them maintain good dental health as they’re formulated to support dental health. And the simple ingredients make for easy digestion and a bundle of energy release. It’s also a super affordable food that gives great value for money.

Why Your Cat Will Love This

  • They’re a healthy treat food for cats with health problems like diabetes
  • Because it’s safe for kittens as well as older cats, your cats can share this treat together for a fun meal time
  • These treats come in six delicious flavors- all of them unique and absolutely scrumptious. Just ask your cat.
  • Ensure the long term health of your cat’s teeth by giving them a little bit of this treat after every meal- they’ll           love it.
  • They’re also made from healthy ingredients that promote good immune function

TEMPTATIONS Classic Cat Treats

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Temptations is famous around cat circles as one of the most loved cat treats around. Cats lap them up like anything, and they especially love the variety of flavors and the flavor profile within each flavor. But I suppose the affordability does play a factor in the popularity of this treat. However, they should be had in moderation as excessive consumption of these may lead to some adverse health effects.


Why Your Cat Will Love This

  • Temptations support good dental health
  • They’re very flavorful with a deliciously tasty texture
  • This treat food comes in different flavors which means your cat will never get bored of them
  • They’re also low in calorie which will help protect your cat from obesity
  • The nutritional content of the food makes it a complete food for your cat
  • It has no added artificial flavors, another element that makes it a firm favorite.
  • It comes added with beneficial vitamins and minerals to promote immunity which will give your cat a healthy         and great looking coat that he’ll love licking.

Points You Should Consider

Here are some of the pointers you should consider before getting store bought treats for your cat.

The Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, checking the ingredients on the product packaging is an easy way to figure out whether or not it’s good for your cat. The ingredient names should be familiar and easy to decipher.

If you see a long list of difficult to understand chemical names in the ingredients list, it probably means that the food is made up of harmful preservatives, colorants and a host of other harmful additives. Put it down and move along. A treat with simpler ingredients will list a type of raw meat as the major ingredient, this is good. Cats are carnivores and their system requires meat protein instead of grains and carbohydrates. So meat should make up a large quantity of the treat, followed by fat.

Also look out for any allergens that may be mentioned on the packaging, especially if your cat suffers from an allergy. Common allergenic ingredients to look out for include soy, wheat and beef.

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The Cost

Remember, you get what you pay for so top-tier treats can be costly. However you can save on your cat treats by buying bulk and comparing prices. Also check the ingredients list to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth in terms of the quality of the ingredients.

Dried or Wet?

Wet treats often cost more than dried treats, mainly because they contribute more nutritionally to your cat’s diet than the dry variety. Wet treats digest easier, taste better, give your cat more energy and helps them to get more liquids in.

Dry treats don’t cost as much and can provide the same nutritional value as wet treats. What makes them more cost effective is the fact that they also last longer than the wet variety. In the end, a combination of wet and dry treats might be the best way to get more value for your money.

Grain Free Cat Foods To Try

Contribution to Well-being

Some cat foods contain specific formulas that address certain health needs for your cat. For example, there are treats that feature a urinary tract health formula designed to prevent urinary tract obstructions that might lead to health problems later.

Other formulas include ones that help your cat to pass hairballs and ones designed to deal with specific health problems that you can mab be experiencing, such as kidney or liver failure and heart problems etc.

Mineral Composition

Some cat food contains minerals whose consumption may cause an imbalance to your cat’s urinary tract health. Speak to your vet to find out if there are any minerals that your cat should be avoiding.

Age Group

As you probably already know, most cat food comes with labeling that specifies a targeted age group. Some treats are for kittens, middle aged cats, while others are for more mature and elderly cats. Getting your cat a treat that corresponds to their age will ensure that they get the appropriate nutritional benefits for their age, and it will be easier for them to digest.

Cat food for sensitive stomachs


Treat your cat with the best treats on the market, while keeping your pockets happy. I hope that this article has helped you do just that. Also remember to find a good brand that has all the good qualities of flavor, diversity of flavor and texture, and nutritional value. Keeping to one brand is more beneficial to your cat’s health and as you can see there are many brands to choose from. Happy shopping and here’s to a happy and satisfied kitty. Read my Goodlife food guide