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You’re probably wondering why in the world your adorable little cat always ends up drinking from your sink! My cat drinks my water if I leave it out, but with a pet water fountain, that’s a thing of the past. Even though it may seem odd to get a water fountain for your pet, it’s the perfect solution to keep your pet hydrated.

Cats do need access to clean fresh water each day in order to be healthy. Just like for us humans, they need water to get rid of toxins and all the nasties from their bodies. Of course, water also keeps them hydrated. Afterall, a big percentage of our bodies is made up of water.

Neglecting your cat’s water intake can be serious dehydration. And that in turn, can give rise to a whole range of other health problems if you don’t treat it.

I guess it’s pretty obvious by now! Your cat really does need water – fresh, clean water every single day!

Now my cat doesn’t really like drinking water.

I don’t exactly know why but it could be because the water isn’t as fresh after being in the bowl for hours. Yes, water can lose its taste and freshness.

So how I keep the water fresh is by using automatic pet water fountains at home. These fountains utilize filters so that my cat’s water is free of dirt and purified. It’s also said to make the water taste better.

Water fountains are great this way because they give my cat a continuous stream of clear, clean, fresh water. This way, your pet may actually drink more.

When it comes to cat water fountains, I’ve researched so many trying to find the best one. I’ve compiled this list, researching their ratings, price points, sizes, materials, design and more. If you’re unsure of where to even start, have a read.

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The Best Cat Water Fountains


PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Check price and more details here

This Drinkwell 360 fountain is large enough for pets of all sizes, with 1-5 changeable free-falling streams. The replaceable carbon filters keep it safe while the adjustable flow helps you get your pet interested. If you’re looking for top of the range, this is it. Designed for easy cleaning, this fountain has a lot of water capacity. Its 1 to 5 free falling continuous streams make it really tempting for your pets to keep returning for a drink.

This fountain is also great at preventing bacteria from growing in the basic.



  • Large capacity is ideal for multiple pets
  • Very quiet and easy to clean and put together
  • High quality; doesn’t look cheap


  • The actual look may not appeal to some
  • The basin isn’t very wide

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain


Check price and more details here

You can fit lots of water in this PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum. The built-in reservoir increases capacity so you don’t have to refill as often. You can adjust the streams as you want and can be assured that the plastic is completely BPA Free. Its carbon filter is easily replaceable and helps to get rid of odors from the water. This keeps the water fresh and tasty for your cats. Easy to clean, you won’t have to keep refilling as often with this one.

If you have many pets, this is ideal too. It has a large enough water capacity of 168oz so you don’t have to worry about low water levels. With its specially designed pump, you’re even able to customize and choose a water flow setting that your pet loves.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain Key Features:

  • Totally BPA free
  • Large enough water capacity for multiple pets
  • 168oz
  • Easy to wash and clean; dishwasher safe
  • Customize the flow yourself
  • Replaceable carbon filter



  • Lasts even after a couple years of use
  • You don’t usually need to do any maintenance other than cleaning
  • The filter lasts as long as 3 months and you only need to fill it a few times a week


  • You do need to clean the fountain fully around every 2 weeks
  • The reservoir tank can’t really stand on its own

PetSafe Ceramic Pagoda Fountain

Check price and more details here

This cute little fountain comes in a variety of colors for small to medium sized pets. Dual streams add more oxygen, the porcelain looks great in the home, and two dishes provide more space for your pets.You get two free-falling continuous streams with this one. This is great for adding oxygen to the water, making it fresh and tasty for your cat. This water fountain also uses replaceable carbon filters that you can easily change.

Two drinking areas mean your cat can pick and choose where it wants to drink from. In fact, it’s elevated which is beneficial for older cats or cats that suffer from arthritis.


  • If you’re worried about plastic, it’s completely ceramic
  • Great-looking, and takes up very little space
  • Offers three drinking choices for cats


  • Porcelain tends to break, if not looked after properly

Drinkwell Outdoor Pet Fountain 3.5 Gallon

Check price and more details here

Now this fountain from Drinkwell is huge, so you can be sure it’ll work with your larger pets. The deep drinking bowl will reduce splashing, meaning that it’ll work well for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Very easy to clean without any special instruments or tough spaces
  • Godsend if you have multiple pets, but is too large for smaller pets or just one
  • You can remove and refill the reservoirs without unplugging the fountain


  • The waterfall is a bit low
  • It’s definitely for outdoors; makes more of a mess
  • It’s noisier then some of the others

Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain

Check price and more details here

The sleek design of this Pioneer Big Max fountain circulates drinking water to make it more appealing. It’s completely dishwasher safe and looks modern enough to fit in with any home décor.


  • It takes 4-7 days before you need to add water
  • Very silent and cleans easily
  • The water doesn’t splash out of the bowl


  • Some cats may not like the taste of the water from the stainless steel

Great Value for Money: Catit Flower Fountain

Check price and more details here

This adorable fountain pampers your cat with streams of running, tasty and filtered water. 3 flow settings are available: you get to choose from Gentle Waterflow, Calm Streams and Bubbling Top. One of the best health benefits of this fountain? It has a dual action filter that gets rid of magnesium as well as calcium from your usual tap water. This is good because magnesium and calcium can actually accumulate in your feline’s urinary track over time.

This fountain is also great at removing chlorine odors with its energy-efficient pump. BPA-free, you’ll find it really easy to clean. You’ll also love that its compact water reservoir takes up such little space.

Catit Flower Fountain Key Features:

  • Compact 3 litre water reservoir that doesn’t take much space
  • 3 flow settings to choose from
  • Pump is energy efficient
  • Totally BPA free!

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Check price and more details here

If you prefer fountains with more than 1 drinking level, this is a good pick. This Cat Mate Pet Fountain gives your cat two waterfall streams as well as one pool of water. Hate that water fountains tend to splash and make a mess? Not with this one. This Cat Mate one has been well designed with a ramp to keep water splashing to a minimum.

Your cat will love how fresh the water tastes. That’s thanks to the activated carbon filter that is easily replaceable. It also has an Isolated Pump System or an ISP which is credited for its super silent operation. If I had to pick one main benefit, this would be it. That it’s so quiet to run.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain Key Features:

  • Super quiet to run (thanks to its ISP)
  • Comes with a 3 year guarantee
  • Two waterfall streams and a pool of water
  • Lesser water splashing, thanks to its ramp
  • 70 ounce water capacity
  • Multiple drinking levels
  • Replaceable activated carbon filter for fresher water

Why Buy a Pet Water Fountain?

Pet water fountains are sure to provide your pet with the healthiest drinking water possible. Cats especially are susceptible to kidney and urinary issues, so they need to consume extra amounts of water to stay healthy.

A fountain is the perfect solution for this, especially since pets actually prefer to drink from running sources of water rather than a stagnant bowl. The fountain grabs their attention, you only have to refill it daily thanks to the filter, and your pet can drink whenever they need. These fountains are hassle-free and completely safe so you have nothing to worry about if you’re out for the day.

Benefits of a Pet Water Fountain

There are actually lots of reasons why you might want a pet water fountain other than the consistent fresh water, and I’ve got them all here:

  • The running water passes through a filter, so it stays fresher
  • It won’t grow bacteria and fungus like in a bowl
  • Stays cooler
  • Has more oxygen in it; may taste better
  • Have wider bowls, so your cat will be more comfortable with their whiskers
  • Perfect for cats especially who like drinking running water

You do still need to clean the fountain and replace the filter, but these are easy enough to find. In the end, a fountain can even increase the air quality by improving humidity, so it can help you out too!

What to Look For

What do you need to consider before you pick up your fountain? It’s a lot harder than it looks when you’re faced with all those brands!

Location: These fountains come in lots of shapes and sizes, so you can use them anywhere. Depending on where you put it, you’ll want to adjust for the size and noise level.

Number of Pets: You’ll need a fountain that works with big, small, or multiple pets. Both the design and capacity are important.

Size: How much water does your cat need? This really depends on the breed of your cat, its size and even its diet. Do you have a huge cat? Or many cats at home? Be sure to get one with the correct water capacity. You don’t want to end up having to refill so many times a day.

Adding Water: How much water your fountain holds is an important factor. If you go away for the weekend or work, get a fountain large enough even for larger animals who drink more.

Silent operation: Does the water fountain have a noisy or silent pump? The silent pumps are typically low in voltage and use lesser electricity. You don’t want a pump that will wake everyone through the night.

Materials: There are so many types on the market. You’ll be able to find ceramic ones, or glass, or stainless steel. Whatever you decide, make sure you think it through. This affects its durability and how you would clean or maintain it. If you pick plastic, make sure it’s good quality, strong plastic.

Filters: Many of these fountains utilize filters that can be replaced easily. These filters are pretty standard. They typically clean the water and remove dirt and odors.

Type of Stream

Some pets like natural circling water while others like the waterfall effect. Adjusting the water flow will definitely help you with drinking preferences.

The circular stream will sit at an angle instead of on top, creating a natural motion to pets. This is quieter and calmer for some pets.

Then there’s the waterfall stream that lets the water fall to encourage more drinking. The stream is usually louder though, with larger animals drinking directly from the stream.

Motor Noise

Most fountains get louder when they need water added. Maybe it’s not a great idea to put it in your room then!

Water Filtration

This is how the water gets purified, so be aware of replacement costs or how many gallons get filtered. This can keep dust, debris, and chemicals out of the water that can impact taste and smell.


For those of you who wash your fountain by hand, you’ll want something like stainless steel. This will be more hygienic and easier to clean than plastic models, and can be put in a dishwasher too.

Materials Used

With plastic bowls especially, getting something BPA Free will be healthier and safer when you’re using and cleaning it. Stainless steel is usually easier to clean and lasts longer too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water fountains safe for my cat?

There’s nothing dangerous or scary about water fountains. In fact, they do a lot of good. They give your cat fresh, tasty, clean water. Compared to the typical water bowls where the water just sits stale for hours, they’re much better. No question about it!

What is a cat water fountain 

Quite simply, it’s a fountain for cats! A cat water fountain gives a continuous fresh stream of water which encourages your cat to drink. It helps to remove odors, trap hair and dirt while giving clean, filtered water.

How does it work?

These fountains utilize a free-falling stream as their main attraction. They circulate the water and give the water more oxygen.

Do cats like running water?

You might have heard that cats don’t like water that is still and stale. They’re smart – they know that water like that usually has bacteria and doesn’t taste good.

So yes, cats do like running and flowing water.

How much water does my cat need?

Cats that eat mainly dry food do need more water in general. Compared to a cat that relies mainly on canned food.

There’s no one answer to this question. As with most things, it really depends on their diet, activity and size. Whatever the case, a cat water fountain will come in handy to encourage your cat to drink more.

How do I encourage my cat to drink from a water fountain?

You might get home with your proud new purchase only to be disappointed that your cat hates it. That can happen in the beginning.

Some cats do need more encouraging. You can try putting the fountain in a part of your home where your cat loves to hang out in. Somewhere it’s happy in and doesn’t feel scared or unfamiliar.

A rule of thumb though: don’t put it next to the litter box or pet feeder. It’s just best to keep it separate and help your cat familiarize first.

To Summarize

I never knew how helpful a pet water fountain could be until I bought one for myself. My cat loved seeing his water moving around, and didn’t have to wait for me to get the water from the sink for him! These fountains work for any pet to keep them hydrated so that’s one less thing you’ve got to worry about. There are so many models today. Even ones with pet cameras on them. Do your research and pick the best one that suits your needs.