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Cats are typically quite clean animals but one of the major problems that cat owners face is having to manage their routine of cleaning out their litters. Dealing with such problems sometimes become an irritation for the cat owners as it creates dirt in your home.

When it comes to pesky and messy cat litter, not any vacuum cleaner will do. You’ll need a more specialized and heavy duty cat litter vacuum to suck up those pesky mess.

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FAQ: Cat Litter Damages Vacuums?

This is a popular question for those who are just finding out that they may need a specialized vacuum. When making an investment such as this, all of these are brilliant questions to keep in mind.

 The short answer is that your vacuum will probably be fine if you have hard floors that have a broom swept over them in between vacuuming. However, the concern comes in if you are regularly sucking up large amounts of litter.

 Kitty litter is often gritty and dusty, and this combo can clog a vacuum that is not built for this type of material. Overtime, especially, the dust and grit will have an effect on your vacuum cleaner’s system and reduce its ability and power. This is why we suggest making the investment in a heavy-duty vacuum.

Importance of Having a Great Vacuum for Cat Litter

Sometimes, it’s difficult for cat owners to find a suitable vacuum cleaner to remove cat litter or some other dirt from the floor or some other surface.

Unfortunately, cat litter is something that is unavoidable. If you want to ensure the health and safety of your cat as well as your family, it is a necessary expense to invest in a good cat litter vacuum.

Unless you are ready to toilet train your cat, which is surprisingly possible for some cats, you know that cat litter is unavoidable. A clean cat automatic litter box and surrounding area is not only beneficial to your cat’s happiness and feelings of contentedness, but the removal of excess dust and grit will benefit the health of both feline and human.

 A vacuum with the power to quickly and effectively clean up cat little will be worth it in the long for you, your cat, and your wallet.

Below are some of the best vacuum cleaners for removing cat litter from your home.

Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Reviews

There are many vacuums on the market. And I want to ensure that you get the best vacuum for you and your lifestyle. While all the vacuums on this list are recommended, there will be some that fit more with you and your home.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner (NV365E) – Best Vacuum for Cat Litter

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Shark Navigator has got the highest ratings and reviews by having some amazing features that create chances to remove the litter and maintain the cleanliness.

The Shark company is a well-known brand and is a provides great customer service to their customers. This vacuum comes highly rated and recommended by many who have used it in their homes.


My Review

This vacuum has a lift-away button that allows you to easily detach the canister so you can clean hard-to-reach places. Cat litter or hair that gets embedded into steps or on upholstery will be a breeze to suction.

The HEPA filter is backed with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology that will trap 99.9% of dust and allergens, making the air safer for your whole family to breathe. This vacuum is so powerful that it is equipped with a suction release feature that will allow you to adjust the suction as needed. Making the push/pull actions much less strenuous.

Tips To Get The Most Out of It

The canister is small if you have lots of hair and litter to suck up, so be mindful of the dirt cup when using the machine. Just remember to empty it out frequently, and this will not be an issue. The canister is also simple to clean after using the vacuum if you would like to wash away any extra dust that may try to stick around.

The tools are extra accessories do not all have a special place on the vacuum where they will all fit. A small bucket or container will make keeping this organized nice and easy.


  • Great suction power
  • Lightweight
  • Attachments work nicely


  •  Power cord is relatively short


2. The Dyson Ball Animal Pet Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum can pick anything from the floor as the cat owners will not have to be worried about the problems regarding litter. Sure, the price point is a little higher than most other brands. But Dyson has a great reputation and you can be sure you’ll have a high quality, long lasting machine for years to come.

I like the release wand that allows me to reach up into higher spots easily. This vacuum will pick up everything along with the cat litter all over your floor. You will pay a little bit more for this vacuum compared to others. But Dyson is not a company known to let people down. I can assure you that investing in this vacuum is worth it. Your vacuum will be of a high quality and it will last with you for a long time. 

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This self-adjusting cleaner is perfect for all floor types. The Tangle Free Turbine tool is ideal for removing pesky pet hair from furniture. This combination tool will allow you to suck up cat litter and hair on stairs and other angled surfaces.

The wand instantly releases with a press of a button to allow you to reach hard-to-reach areas. The suction is quite powerful and will tackle embedded hair and cat litter nicely.

Tips To Get The Most Out of It

 It comes disassembled, so be prepared to follow instructions on how to put it together.

Keep the cord in your hand and over your shoulder as your vacuum. The length can get in the way as your vacuum, so just be sure to prepare for that and keep it out of the way as you go.


  • Powerful suction power
  • Runs smoothly over all floor types
  • Canister is easy to empty/clean


  •  It is a heavy machine

3. Hoover Pet Plus Vacuum Cleaner

This Hoover is able to clean your floors as well as carpets, furniture, and other hard surfaces. It even washes and helps to dry your floors so if you’re looking for a cat litter vacuum that really performs, this is it. I love the super long cord which makes it really easy to drag around from room to room without having to unplug.

This is a technologically advanced vacuum that uses apps on your smartphone to help enhance your cleaning experience. 

Whether your floors are bare or sealed wood, this is a good choice.

This vacuum seems to do it all! You can clean your hardwood floors and your carpet. So no matter where you have stationed your cat’s litter box, this vacuum will be able to get right to it with no problem. You can also clean your furniture with this vacuum along with other hard surfaces. But that’s not even all. It will wash and dry your floors in case the litter happens to leave a scent behind.

Lastly, the cord that comes with the Hoover is long enough for you to leave the room without going through the hassle of unplugging it and plugging it back in, which tends to waste time and get irritating after a while. You can most definitely count on this vacuum to serve you.

My Review

This high-tech vacuum uses FloorSense Technology that uses micro-sensors to detect changes in floor types and will automatically adjust the speed of its brush rolls. WindTunnel Surge technology makes this an ideal appliance to capture litter, dust, and fur.

You can use the Hoover REACT Professional app to customize your cleaning experience in order to suit your needs and lifestyle. This is also help ensure that your vacuum lasts for long time at optimal performance levels.

Tips To Get The Most Out of It

There are less features that come with this model vacuum, so be careful and prepare if you have hard to reach spots that would benefit from a vacuum that can lift-off and be used in separate pieces.

This is a vacuum that swivels with its advanced ball design. If you have never used a ball design vacuum before, this might require a bit of a learning step for you while you adjust to how it moves.


  • Long power cord
  • Great filtration
  • FloorSense is wonderful at sensing different floor types


  • The swivel can be pretty stiff at first, especially if you are new to this type of vacuum

4. Bissell Power Edge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

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This Bissell vacuum cleaner is able to perform really well on hard floors such as the basement area, laundry area or some other hard floor based areas. It is specially designed to clean out your cat’s litter. Its V-shaped head that makes it possible to go around the tight spaces as well as in the corners.

With its top notch quality and decent customer service, it’s no surprise that this Bissell kitty litter vacuum cleaner is rather popular among cat owners.

The V-shape head of this vacuum will make going around tight spaces to clean up loose cat litter much easier. Little specks of grit will no longer be lost to corners that other vacuums cannot seem to reach.

This vacuum is made specifically for cat litter. It will clean your hard floors in the basement, laundry room, kitchen, and other hard floor areas you may have in your home. It comes with a V-shaped head do it can creep around corners and slip through tight spaces that any litter might escape to. Lots of cat owners simply adore this vacuum because it has great quality and their customer service is good as well. 


My Review

This is a stick vacuum that is made to clean homes with hard floors. The V-shape make getting around corners and edges of furniture, bowls and litter boxes, and walls a breeze. The 20-foot long power cord is great for most homes and won’t require too many switches between outlets.

Perfect, small sized vacuum for routine cleaners that want to keep that cat litter under control.

Tips To Get The Most Out of It

This vacuum is lightweight, but the shape might not be the best for stairs. Depending on your strength and home size, you might want to use this as a daily cleaner and have a larger sized vacuum with hoses for bi-weekly or monthly use.

Practice using this vacuum around different shaped objects. Do not be afraid to go up against a table leg with the V-shape to get all that dirt and grim.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Powerful suction for pet hair and litter
  • Small size makes storage simple


  •  Can only be used on hard floors

5. Panasonic Jet Force Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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This is one of the most highly recommended kitty litter vacuum cleaners by pet owners as it contains some advanced features including multi-surface capabilities of cleaning and bagless cleaning (which helps it to suck the dirt from the surface). If the light turns red, that will mean that it is still cleaning and hard at work. When the light turns green, it’s all done and you’ll be left with a clean surface.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is one of the most advanced on the list. It comes with multi-surface capabilities for cleaning and bagless cleaning which will swipe the dirt right away from any surface. The Panasonic has a red light and a green light to let you know what the status of the cleaning is.

Whenever the light on the vacuum is red, it is still working on cleaning your floor. As soon as the light turns green, you will know that the work is done and your floor will be squeaky clean. This vacuum happens to be one of the most highly recommended vacuum cleaners for pet owners in general. 

This is a multi-surface vacuum with advanced technology that lets you know what the machine is doing and if a spot is still needing cleaned – all with an easy to understand red/green LED light.

My Review

This powerful vacuum cuts noise levels without a reduction in suction. The suction is variable and you can control the amount of power used to make it clean litter embedded in carpets to gently cleaning off delicate drapes.

This works with a 10-amp motor with a 360-degree hose – it is lightweight and compact. Maneuverability will not be a problem with this appliance.

Tips To Get The Most Out of It

 Great for homes that have open spaces and benefit from maneuverability when cleaning. The vacuum is incredibly lightweight and thick, shaggy carpets may not get the best clean.

 Be sure to routinely check the roller brushes for hair that might be wrapped around them. This will need to be removed in order to maintain optimum performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Emptying the bin is easy


  •  Too lightweight for some users

6. Miele New Complete C3 Cat Canister Vacuum

 This is a complete vacuum with integrated accessories and power that will leave your floors clean.

 My Review

This powerful vacuum has a variable power motor that will allow you to control its speed and choose between six different stages. This 1,200W vacuum is powerful enough to get loose hair off furniture and embedded litter and fur from carpets.

It has quality components made from strong materials, including a metal insert that prevents static discharge between you and the vacuum. The mini turbo brush allows you to reach those annoying hard to reach areas for an all-around clean home.

Tips To Get The Most Out of It

 This is a wonderful vacuum for those with multi pet homes, or even a pet that sheds heavily.

 Practice using this vacuum so you can get used to using your hands and feet on it.


  •  6 speed motor
  • Super effective against pet hair and cat litter
  • Sleek design and quality materials


  •  Pricier option


What to Look For in a Vacuum

When on the hunt for your vacuum, there are some certain things you need to look at. Of course you will want to look into its height and its weight. And if you like to have your vacuum look a certain way then you will be looking at the colors it offers.

But something truly important you need to look into is the vacuum’s motor. You want to ask yourself, Is the vacuum going to be easy to operate?

Be sure to look into reviews and see what past owners have said about its operation, whether or not its smooth and easy to work with. Is the vacuum best for pet hair and dander along with the cat litter? You want to make sure that the vacuum you choose will get the whole entire job done, not just some of it. This next quality to check for is for the lazier owners, but it is still a great quality. Does the vacuum come with an automatic rewind feature for the cord? Sometimes it can be annoying to wrap the cord back around the vacuum after every single use. When a vacuum does that for you, it makes it less taxing to use.

Practical Ways to Keep Litter Contained

While a nice vacuum will save you from too much struggling, there are things you can do in the meantime.

  1. Litter Rugs and Mats

 These rugs are made of soft plastic or rubber and have a solid flat bottom, while the top is mesh-like and catches litter that gets kicked out by the cat. These litter mats can be emptied back into the litter box or in the trash simply by picking them up, folding them a bit, and tilting to deposit the litter.

2. Use a High Sided Box

New litter boxes have high sides that prevent kitty from kicking litter everywhere. You will mainly see spillage at the front where they exit the little box. Boxes with a lid will help if your kitty likes to jump over the high sides as well.


So while you are on the hunt for the perfect vacuum that will work for you and your cat’s messy litter habit, be sure to consider all of the qualities to search for listed above. Also, I recommend that you really look into the vacuum brands above because they all work beautifully in their own way, but there’s always a vacuum out there that will be specifically for you and you only. When you do find that vacuum, it will be such a relief to have a clean floor surrounding the litter box. 

So try to choose the best cat litter vacuum according to your needs.