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Make a Reservation!

Our Cat Sanctuary seats 25 people comfortably and we try to accomodate walk-ins as well as reservations, but encourage you to making a booking in advance. It’s easy to do so: just visit our Reservations page.

If you plan on visiting just the Tea Lounge for some tea and snacks, you can come right in there is no reservation required however, space is limited.

Arrive Early

When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a host who can either confirm your Cat Sanctuary reservation or make one for you. If there are no spots available the time you arrive, we can try to make you a later reservation, or you’ll be welcome to stay in the Tea Lounge to see if there are any cancelations (if there’s room available).  Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to order tea and snacks and maximize your time in the Sanctuary.

If you’re not planning to visit the Cat Sanctuary, you can head straight into the Tea Lounge.

Tea, Coffee and Food is Served

We have an extensive tea selection you can check out on the teas page. All of it is hand blended and tastes as heavenly as it smells. You can purchase pots of tea in a large, small or by the cup. Our coffee is also a step above. We offer Stumpton drip coffee in 16oz pots.

We serve an awesome daily selection of scones, pastries, warm cookies and sandwiches.

Little Lions is Two Spaces

We have a Tea Lounge and a Cat Sanctuary. If you have booked a visit to the Cat Lounge, you can pick up tea and order food in the Tea Lounge, and bring both with you into the Cat Lounge.

The Tea Lounge is a very cozy spot with a view from some seats into the Sanctuary, so if you don’t plan on visiting with the cats, you can still grab a cup of tea and check out the action or just sit and relax!

Cats Love to Sleep

Just like big lions, little lions sleep most of the day – up to 17 hours! When you visit Little Lions you are likely to encounter a mix of cats playing, cats relaxing, and cats sleeping. While it’s hard to predict when the cats will be awake, our opening hour of 10am to 11am and the evening hours are often the times when our cats are most active. If you are interested in a more laid-back vibe, midday nap time is the quietest.

Sanctuary Rules

We understand that everyone has a different comfort level around cats and that’s ok! One of our main goals is to expose as many people as possible to these awesome animals in a comfortable and relaxing setting. We’ve designed Little Lions so that guests have a range of seating options avalible to them.

When guests enter the Cat Sanctuary, our “Cat Comfort Coordinator” will give everyone a brief intro to the space and some reminders about cat behavior and playtime dos-and-dont’s.

Children Are Welcome!

Children 6 years and older can enter the Cat Lounge accompanied by an adult. Kids of any age are welcome in the Tea Lounge, and there are seats available looking into the Cat Sanctuary.

The Number of Cats Varies

We have room to accommodate up to 15 lively cats. At any given time there are between 10-15 cats at Little Lions. Since every cat is adoptable, we occasionally have cats leaving to go to their forever homes and it can take a day or two before a new resident arrives.