(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

If you are a cat owner you know how tough it can be to purchase a litter box that will meet all of your cat’s needs. An all pine litter box is a good choice to consider as it is an environmentally friendly alternative to that of a traditional litter box.

These types of litter boxes are self-cleaning and require very low maintenance. You can also check out full reviews on the top self-cleaning little boxes so that you can gain a better understanding of what is necessary to purchase.

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These types of boxes work in a very interesting way. It separates the pellets from the sawdust by using a top litter box such as Modkat’s one that has holes that are designed to sift the sawdust out of the pellets. The sawdust that has been used will fall into the bottom box leaving the good pellets in the top box for your cat’s use.

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Understanding How It Works

The way this type of box works is quite simple. It contains two trays, an upper tray and a lower tray. You place the litter box pellets on the top tray, your cat comes to do their business, then the sawdust falls down into the lower tray. It provides a great method of efficiency because you only have to throw away the sawdust from the bottom tray. The good pellets stay in the upper tray unaffected.


Another great thing is your cat won’t be walking around in the sawdust, tracking the mess all over the place.

Obviously, this is not a full self-cleaning system as solid waste still must be cleaned out of the box. From time to time, as well, you will have to clean up the box to make sure that it stays bacteria free. The sawdust can be recycled and used as compost or mulch or you can simply throw it away without any hassle. Take note of any health risks.

Benefits To Know About


With this pine box, you won’t have to worry about changing it out often. The separation system keeps everything very much germ-free with only a little maintenance required. Instead of having to throw out everything every time, you just add some pellets in and everything is then as good as new.

Lesser Tracking

Another great feature of this type of box is the fact that your cat won’t ever touch the sawdust on the bottom box. The separation allows there to be a barrier between your cat and the stinky sawdust that they could track everywhere after being done with their business.

Sifted Sawdust

One of the many benefits of this type of box is the sifted sawdust. You may have to occasionally stir it around to make sure that all the sawdust gets through the holes, but sifted sawdust is a cleaner route you can take.  

Pellet Saving

You won’t have to spend a ton of money on pellets anymore. With the built-in holes the sawdust drops to the bottom leaving the good pellets on top. All you have to do is add more pellets each time you remove the sawdust, but you don’t have to worry about your good pellets being wasted on cleaning your box daily.


This litter box always looks fresh and pristine because new pellets are practically the only thing that is visible in the box. The dirty portion drops to the bottom and is hidden from view. On top of that, the nice pine scent greatly reduces the stink that can protrude from your cat’s litter box.

Why I Love It

Obviously, you can see that there are so many benefits to owning a pine litter box. But so many cat owners also love that there is minimal maintenance required in keeping this box clean.

All you are required to do is a little sifting of the top box every now and then (probably once a day) in order to help along with the sawdust, as well as remove any solid matter in the box. If you also plan to wash the box once a week and change out the pellets monthly, you should be good to go in maintaining the longevity.

One of the pine litter boxes actually comes at a very low cost or you can make one yourself if you’d rather not spend the money. It is really very efficient and easy to make.

Obviously, this type of litter box is made out of pine because of the name, but what you might now know is that pine is a great deodorizer. Your box won’t be completely odor free, but the incorporation of pine will actually do a great job of lessening the odor.


You can also plan to recycle the sawdust and use it compost or mulch for your lawn. This means that using a pine litter box is actually very environmentally friendly. You are also reducing waste because you are saving good pellets and only throwing out what has been used.

How to Make Your Own DIY Pine Box:

You’ll Need:

  • A pen
  • A ruler
  • 11/64 bit  
  • A drill
  • 2 litter box pans of the same perimeter, one of them should be shallower than the other


You should note first that if you want to use an old litter pad, disinfect it first and then begin with making your box.

You want to take your top pan and flip it over. Then, using your pencil draw out six 3 ½ inch squares on the pan. For each square that you draw, draw a ¼ spaced grid. You will be drilling a hole right where the lines intersect.


Before you even begin this portion, know that if you are going to aim for perfection, the task will become more daunting than it needs to be. The holes that you are drilling do not have to be perfect. Just as long as there is enough. Even so, the more holes, the better. This is because it is through the holes where the sawdust will get sifted.

Be sure to keep a vacuum close by as well so you can clean up the debris from the drilling


Once you are done with the drilling portion on the top pan, place the pan on top of each other. Fill the top pan with pine litter. Add pellets to the bottom so any urine can be absorbed. And you’re ready to go!

Ultimately, there are different boxes. Even sifting ones. It’s up to your personal preference to choose the one that suits your lifestyle.