(Last Updated On: July 12, 2019)

The Littermaid Multi-Cat Automatic litter box is as the name suggests: automatic. It will rake up your cat’s waste, scoot it into a waste compartment, and leave your cat with a fresh box.

It works using sensors, so after your cat uses the LitterMaid litter box, the dual motion censor will activate. Ten minutes after your cat leaves the box, the box will begin cleaning. Using a special rake, the box will collect clumps into the waste area. Those clumps will be completely sealed to prevent any smells.

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This box works on low voltage. You only need an AC adapter or 8AA batteries, which yes, you do need to buy, as they are not included.

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What’s Included

 The main box

 A ramp for your cat to climb up

 8 waste areas to reduce the time in between emptying


 8 charcoal filters

→ 1 scoop for you and a rake cleaner for the box

→ An AC adapter

LitterMaid litter box for cats

Features To Know

  • The self-cleaning feature will keep the box clean, even if you have multiple cats
  • Works automatically, only ten minutes after your cat uses it
  • There is an extra ten-minute delay if your cat re-enters the box, meaning that it shouldn’t spook your cat
  • The plastic rake prevents waste from getting stuck
  • The waste compartment includes carbon filters, which control odors
  • If you have multiple cats or large cats, you’ll like the extra-large litter pan, which holds 50 percent more litter
  • Quiet, and with a powerful motor
  • Model: LM-86579
  • Dimensions: 27” L X 17.7” W X9.8” H

How It Works

The LitterMaid works as soon as your cat leaves the unit. The sensor will activate to let the box know that your cat is in the box. When your cat has left for ten minutes, the rake will begin pushing the clumps into the waste compartment without spooking your cat. All the waste will be lifted into clumps to sit until you empty it out. Thanks to the carbon filters, you shouldn’t have any problems with odor.

If your cat does jump back into the box before the cleaning cycle begins, or if you have another cat that leaps in, the box will delay the cleaning until ten minutes after the cat leaves the box. This ensures that your cat isn’t going to the bathroom when the rake suddenly starts moving to clean up. Check out my post about litter genie.


 Pros and Cons of LitterMaid Multi-Cat

Before you buy the Littermaid Multi-Cat, check to be sure that this will work for your multiple-cat household:


  • Thanks to the reset mechanism, your cat shouldn’t be spooked
  • Control odors with the carbon filters
  • It does clean automatically, saving you time an effort
  • Even better when you use it with a cat litter mat
  • You do need to clean the box every now and again, so it’s good that the unit can easily be disassembled for cleaning and disposal of old litter
  • The pan is larger, which makes it more suitable for either one large cat, or two smaller ones
  • You have a ramp with the Littermaid, which reduces litter tracking
  • The motor is powerful enough to get even deep clumps, yet quieter than previous versions of Littermaid boxes


  • The rake doesn’t actually scrape the bottom of the unit; if your cat really buries its waste, the rake won’t get it
  • Your waste compartment won’t have as much space as you’d like
  • The box may be larger, but the litter level is lower in general, which means that you have to pour in litter more often
  • Your intelligent cats may step on the power button and turn it off
  • You may have to clean waste off of the rake
  • The rake will sometimes get stuck and refuse to move, especially if it gets stuck
  • There will be litter spillage when the rake scoots the litter into the compartment
  • There is no sleep timer; you will hear it at night

Tips to Get The Most Out of It

  • You know that waste can stick both to the bottom of the tray and to the rake. To try and prevent this, slightly coat the pan with “Rust Oleum Never Wet.” You can also try other products if you know a way to grease the pan safely. Since the pain is detachable though, and doesn’t have any electronic pieces on it, you won’t need to worry about it shorting out when you apply a coating
  • The box ordinarily has a plastic waste compartment, but this can be replaced with a PERMA-lid. If you choose to do this, you can use any trash bag to remove the extra waste before cleaning out the box. Reduce the amount of money that you’re spending on plastic receptacles. Check out videos on YouTube to see how you can use the trash bags properly
  • The goal is to make sure that this unit continuously runs smoothly. To help it along, you can put 3M silicone spray on the rails and the rake tines. Just use a soft cloth to apply it gently
  • Do make sure that you’re using hard-clumping litter like Nature’s Miracle or another option. Hard-clumping litter ensures that when the rake pushes the waste, the clumps won’t break into pieces too small for it to push and that get left behind. 
  • When you’re filling the pan, use the exact amount of litter that it indicates. Filling the pan too much or too little will get in the way of the unit working since the rake needs to be able to scoot litter away. Of course, this also means that when the litter level begins to get too low, you need to pour new litter in
  • If you want this box to work properly for you, you do need to perform a little maintenance on it. Clean and empty the unit at least once a month to keep it in top shape

Remember that by cleaning the unit out often and filling it properly, you’ll help the motor perform properly without stressing it out.

My Thoughts

The Littermaid Multi-Cat automatic litter box is made to keep your litter box clean with less work on your part. If you follow the instructions and apply a few minor fixes, you’ll get the performance you’re looking for. Just remember to keep up maintenance on your unit by cleaning it, applying your fixes, and keeping an eye on your litter levels throughout the day. With two cats, you may need to change the litter every three or four days, and every week with one cat. You can also check out my Modkat review. Scoopfree is another alternative.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to buy this unit, I would recommend it for:

  • Small to medium-sized cats
  • People who are willing to follow the instructions
  • Those of you who apply our tips
  • People who can keep an eye on it

On the other hand, you might need to think twice if you have:

  • Very large cats or more than two cats
  • Cats the urinate more often or in corners
  • People who won’t make the adjustments or who can’t check and clear the litter