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cat in modkat litter boxThe Modkat Litter Box is designed to keep the litter trapped inside of the box while giving your cats the seclusion they need in order to do their business. Other animals and children will be prevented from reaching around inside with its sleek and confined design. You will no longer have to concern yourself with cleaning any litter related messes besides the ones left inside the litter box itself.

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This litter box is built with a rooftop that allows your cat to enter the box and also acts as grating lid to prevent litter from getting trapped on your cat’s paws. This will prevent the litter from spreading around the litter box or getting spread to other parts of your house. The reusable and rip-resistant liner will help you save your money and the environment, and its compact design will allow it to blend into any housing setting without worrying about it taking up too much space. There are many other features of the Modkat Litter Box that will make you want to purchase it for your own cat.

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  • Reduces litter tracking with a grating top lid that removes the litter that gets stuck on your cat’s paws.
  • Comes included with a scooper that can easily be stored on both sides of the litter box.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Built with a hinged lid that swings open for easy access and is easy to clean.
  • Comes in red, black, and white for your own personal color choice.
  • Designed with a reusable liner made with a wire frame.
  • The enclosed design of the litter box gives your cat the privacy they need to do their business.

Modkat Dimensions

Dimensions: 16” W x 16” D x 15” H.

Entry Opening: 8.5” at its smallest point.


I Have a Large Cat. Can It Use Modkat Litter Box?

Large cats have less leeway to use this litter box as comfortably as averaged sized or small sized cats, but they will still be able to as long as they are able to stick their heads out of the lid. For example, I have a cat of average size will be able to fit right into this litter box without any worry, but my relative’s cat who weighs around 13-15 lbs might have a more difficult time just sliding in and doing her business. Most of the time, it just depends on the cat and how well they are able to adapt to their environment.

privacy for cats with modkat

Luckily, most cats are able to adapt to most situations pretty easily. Larger cats may have less wiggle room to move around and dig, but they are usually still quite limber and will learn to work their way around the small and secluded space of the litter box. Eventually, your large cat will be able to adjust to the compact size of the Modkat litter box.

What You Need to Know About Multi-Cat Use

Multiple cats can use the same litter box if it is constantly kept clean. However, if you have three or more cats under the same roof, you may want to have more than one litter box spread out around your living area. If your cats have to fight over a litter box like people fight over their bathrooms, unlike people they will find a new place to do their business. In that case, it is best to have multiple litter boxes depending on how many cats you have in your home.

How It Works

The Modkat litter box has an entry hole that your cat will use to get inside. The liner will fit around the inside of the box and is held down securely by a metal band. It can be taken out simply by lifting it by the handles for fast and easy cleaning. Your cat should be able to fit comfortably inside and give them the space and privacy they need to do their business and go about their day.


cat using modkat swinging lid


Once your cat leaves the litter box, the grating lid at the top will get rid of any extra litter to prevent litter from tracking around your home. The litter that gets wiped off of your cat’s paws can be easily deposited into the litter box where it belongs. The lid can be removed effortlessly so you can clean the box and change the litter whenever you need.



Replacing The Litter

Once you dispose of the litter clumps, replace it with a new load of clean litter. The liner around the box will prevent you from having to touch the inside of the litter box while cleaning or replacing litter. The frequency of how often you should replace your litter may vary, but the most common time period of replacement is two to three weeks.



First you must remove the lid by pushing the tabs on both sides of the litter box and lifting it away. Use the scooper that can be attached on either side of the litter box to scoop the clumps out of the box. Dispose of the clumps in a trash bag while you are cleaning and replace the litter as needed.

kitten with modkat litter box colorslitter liner for modkat box


The Cleaning Process

You can clean both the unit and the liner with a water hose. It is always best to keep more than one liner in your home in case you need to have a replacement liner on hand. You can wash liners with bleach and a brush in any good washing area, and you can clean the unit off inside of a bathtub. The unit and liner are pretty easy to clean and place back in its designated area as good as new.

Liner Lifespan

The liners that are designed to fit the Modkat Litter Box are essentially durable. With the right care, they usually have a lifespan of up to two years before having to be properly replaced. The durability of the liners may vary depending on how many cats you have in your home that share a single litter box.

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Pros and Cons of Modkat Litter Box

Like any good product, the Modkat Litter Box will come with its very own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know what they are in order to get the best value out of your litter box and avoid any possible conflict that you may end up facing with it.


  • The unit is very durable and will last you for a long period of time
  • It is easy to remove litter clumps and clean the unit
  • A majority of the litter box is covered by the lid
  • Reduces odor exponentially compared to other traditional litter boxes
  • A unit from Modkat would be perfect for male cats
  • Scoopers can be conveniently stored on either side of the litter box and the brush on the scoop can clean the top of the lid


  • Not an optimal size for larger cats, older cats or cats who are disabled
  • It is a bit more costly (but so worth it)
  • The scent may stick to it more the longer it stays in your home
  • Some cats may find it difficult to use their litter box with their heads sticking out of the top

Tips To Get The Best Out of It

  • Get some good quality litter products to place in your Modkat unit
  • Only fill your unit as high as it needs to go
  • Make sure to have extra liners on hand for easy replacement
  • Place a rubber litter mat on the outside of the litter box
  • Train your cat on using top entry properly.

My Thoughts

The Modkat Litter Box would be an excellent litter box for your cat to use and it fulfills all of its intended purposes. It is compact and prevents litter from being spread across your living area. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are thinking of having this unit:

  • The unit will not completely keep litter from being tracked around the house, but it does a better job than traditional litter boxes
  • See if your cat would be willing to use the top entrance
  • This unit will be perfect if you want to have a compact unit that you have no other option to put in your living room

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Final Verdict

Modkat litter boxes are useful for people who have a smaller living area. Here are some recommendations of my own to help you with your purchasing decisions. Read my article on Nature’s Miracle brand.

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Great For:

  • Male cats 
  • Average sized cats and growing kittens (read this on litter box training kittens)
  • Owners who want to reduce the amount of litter in their house

Think Twice if you have:

  • Large cats
  • Old cats
  • Disabled cats