(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Formed by pet lovers for pet lovers, Pioneer Pet Products specializes in producing top-quality products for pet owners everywhere. Give your pet the best with Pioneer Pet and their range of products. Based in the United States of America in Wisconsin and founded by can behaviorist and animal rescuer Betsy Lipcomb, Pioneer Pets has strived to provide their customers with the best pet products money can buy.

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Now, after nearly 2 decades, Pioneer Pet Products have established a name for themselves as a reputable supplier of all things cat and pet related.

In this review, we will take a look at the Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain.

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Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain Review


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The Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain is a stainless steel water fountain that provides your pet with easy access to fresh water at all times. With both cats and dogs being especially susceptible to renal or kidney problems from a lack of hydration, the Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain has got you covered.

Features & Benefits

Cats are notoriously finicky drinkers and as a result they have a tendency to be vulnerable to kidney disease. Does your cat need a fountain? Designed by the experts at Pioneer Pet Products, this water fountain has been specially designed to help kitty drink up and drink well.

Fresh, flowing water all day

The Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain features a built-in motor which keeps water flowing at all times. This constant flowing of water generates a gentle lapping sound which is designed to imitate the sound of fresh flowing water which is sure to attract kitty’s attention encourage him/her to take a drink.

Also, the gentle flowing sound is soft enough to not scare away more the more timid cats.

The pump ensures that water is constantly circulated which oxygenates it and keeps the water fresh.

Also, the constant flowing action of water prevents mosquitoes or any other water-borne insects from laying their eggs in the water. Hence, keeping both your household and kitty safe from any unwanted insect infestations.

Replaceable charcoal filter

Keep your cat healthy with clean water from the Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain. The charcoal filter fitted into the Big Max ensures that Kitty’s source of water is filtered of all impurities. Rather than having your cat drinking from questionable sources of water, the Big Max ensures that Kitty has access to clean water at all times.

Thus, this ensures that your cat is protected from consuming dirty water that can adversely affect his/her health. Finally, the Big Max’s charcoal is scent-free which thus encourages your cat to drink from it.

Stainless steel design

Unlike other brands that manufacture their drinking fountains from plastic or metal, the Big Max is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. The stainless steel design is rust-free and durable which ensures that the Big Max is as tough as it looks.

The stainless steel construction of the Big Max lends it a clean shiny look which makes cleaning easy and discourages the build-up and growth of algae while also being much more hygienic than plastic.


Because the Big Max is dishwasher safe, you can just as easily pop it into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Finally, for additional cleaning you can wash the Big Max with hot water to kill any bacteria that may have been present. Unlike other plastic water fountains, the Big Max is resistant to heat and thus allows for much better cleaning.


Recognizing the need to keep your pet’s water supply safe, the industrial designers at Pioneer Pet Products have taken great pains to ensure that the Big Max can be cleaned easily with minimal fuss.

Featuring smooth, flowing designs that make cleaning a cinch, the Big Max boasts a total absence fussy nook and crannies which can build up algae and bacteria.

In fact, you can easily soak the Big Max in water or wash it down easily without having to worry about any hard-to-reach places.

Stylish design

Made from stainless steel, the Big Max boasts a modern and stylish design that wouldn’t look out of place in modern kitchens. Featuring smooth flowing designs and manufactured from top grade stainless steel, the Big Max is easy on the eyes and attractive to both cats and humans alike.

Solid weight

Cats and dogs can be boisterous creatures who enjoy playing and running. The Big Max features a solid, heavy construction which allows it to resist the attentions of even the most active cat or dog. Hence, this helps prevent spillage and other accidents from occurring around the house.


  • Stainless steel construction makes cleaning and washing easy
  • Gentle lapping water does not splash and will not frighten cats
  • Large size that allows multiple animals to drink from it simultaneously
  • Replaceable water pump with plenty of spare parts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Solid stainless steel construction that is resistant to the attention of cats and dogs alike
  • Large capacity at 128 oz which requires minimal refilling
  • Easy-to-use and refill – owners only need to pour water
  • Submersible pump is quiet and does not generate any noise
  • Fresh flowing water attracts cats and is easy on the ears while at the same time reducing the likelihood of insects


  • Some owners have reported that the submersible pump is rather weak – hence the weak circulation of water
  • Filters cannot be bought at pet shops – must be bought online
  • Assembly can be tricky – difficult to align the holes of the pump
  • After extended usage, regular maintenance becomes increasingly necessary

More Tips For Using

For the safe and effective operation of the Big Max, you should take note of the following features:

  • Regular cleaning of the fountain ensures that there is no build-up of algae is recommended
  • To better protect your pet, perform deep cleaning twice a month
  • Keep an eye out to ensure that the pump does not get clogged with animal hair. Should the pump become blocked, it may overheat and even burn.


The Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain is a relatively quiet pet water fountain that offers owners a unique combination of utility and style. However, care must be taken to regularly maintain it for effective operation. Alternatively, you might want to check out Drinkwell 360.