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If you’ve been wondering if the ScoopFree litter box will suit you and your cat, my article will help you decide. I’ll be taking you through the features, pros and cons so make sure to read on before you decide.

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Scoopfree Product Description

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For the cat owner who is short on time, the Scoopfree system automatically keeps your cat’s litter box clean. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it every day. Its awesome features have cat owners all around raving and even cat magazines have praised its abilities.

The Scoopfree Litter Box is also a great option for someone who is sensitive to the odor from cat litter. The Scoopfree system uses blue cat litter crystals that absorb moisture and get rid of any odor. Instead of simply clumping like other cat litters, the crystals actually work to eliminate odor by dehydrating the cat’s waste.

Another way the Scoopfree system cuts down on odor is by using disposable cardboard litter trays. Instead of repeatedly cleaning the litter tray, simply throw it out and reload it with a fresh one.

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What is Blue Crystal Litter?

The Scoopfree Litter box is great for eliminating odors and creating a literally scoop-free litter box that you don’t have to clean manually. It eliminated odors using crystal litter that turns into a gel when it comes into contact with cat waste. When the cat covers its waste with the crystal litter, the little dissolves and congeals to dehydrate the urine or feces, eliminating any smell.

The Design

Scoopfree litter box

Constructed with strong plastic, the Scoopfree litter box is completely solid and the stainless steel rake is guaranteed not to break. The cardboard litter trays are actually treated to repel cat urine, so they won’t just get soaked through.

A great feature of the litter box is the customizable waiting period so you can set the amount of time you want the litter box to wait after you cat has gone to the bathroom. Another feature actually allows you to keep track of how often your cat is using the litter box, a great feature for senior cats whose bathroom time needs to be monitored.

Scoop Free Features

  • Blue crystal cat litter that absorbs moisture.
  • Branded disposable trays
  • The Scoopfree litter box is maintenance-free
  • The trays are plastic-sealed to prevent leaks
  • A programmable interface
  • Automatic cat waste disposal
  • The cleaning cycle is activated 20 minutes after the cat exits the litter box
  • 27.5 x 19 x 7 box dimensions
  • 14 x 14 litter area
  • A 90 day money back guarantee

How Does Scoopfree Work

Specially designed disposable litter trays fit into the litter area and crystal litter absorbs moisture from all cat urine and feces, stopping odor all together. After the cat has used the box, an optical light sensor detects all waste and after a 20 minute wait period, triggers the rake. This waiting period is to make sure your cat is out of the box.


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During the cleaning process, the rake moves all waste into the purple waste container and then smooths the crystals back out. The waste container also eliminates smell by disposing all the litter. If your cat decides to get back into the litter box while it is operating, you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or your cat getting hurt. The system will actually stop functioning and completely reset itself.

All you have to do is replace the disposable litter trays and empty the waste container: no more daily scooping! When the cleaning process is done, the rake moves back to it’s starting position automatically.

How to Set Up the Scoopfree?

The scoopfree litter box is made up of 3 main pieces: the frame, the disposable tray with the crystal litter and the frame lid. Assembly is really quite easy to do, all you have to do is set the tray lid under the tray then lift the tray and slide the pan underneath.


Scoopfree litter box review


When you hear a click, the tray is all set up. The click means that the sensor on the waste trap is connected to the ones on the litter tray.


Important Information

Buying disposable trays can get expensive, but you should know that there are some alternatives to buying the branded litter trays made for Scoopfree. ScoopMaid makes a cheaper version of the same disposable tray, so that’s an option to save money. However, these trays have been known to pail in comparison to the Scoopfree trays because they are not plastic treated as well and they have a tendency to soak through.

Really, the best way to save money is simply to buy a reusable tray. This solution could save you so much money in the long term.

You might consider Modkat too or Littermaid.

Tips and Tricks and Best Practices

If you’re finding that the waste bin attached to the Scoopfree system is too small or you’re not getting around to emptying it enough, there is an extension that you can buy called the Litter Bagger. Basically, the Litter Bagger sits underneath the waste bin and acts as an extension for the waste to fall into.

Here are some other tips for using the Scoopfree litter box:

  • Place a litter mat on the outside of the box so your cat doesn’t track litter around
  • Make sure you are not using the disposable trays longer than they should be used. Not only is this unsanitary for your cat, but it can lead to leakage that will cause a foul odor.
  • Buy the hood extension if your cat likes privacy or is known to kick its litter out of the litter box


  • Easy litter box cleaning for better health
  • Reliable
  • Durable and built to last
  • Reduces odor by actually dehydrating waste using the litter crystals
  • Blue crystal litter will not get stuck to your cat’s paws so your cat won’t track as much litter around the house
  • For the safety of your cat, the litter box will not start automatically cleaning until 20 minutes after it detects that your cat has left
  • The cleaning cycle will reset if your cat enters the box while it is cleaning or during the delay period
  • You can actually adjust the delay time
  • You can keep track of how frequently your cat is visiting the litter box


  • Clean litter will sometimes fall into the waste container while the dirty litter is being scraped
  • Buying disposable trays can get expensive after a while

Highly Recommended for:

  • Someone who has multiple cats and gets tired of constantly having to clean up after them. (also check out Nature’s Miracle)
  • Someone who is willing to buy a reusable tray as an alternative to the disposable ones.

Think Twice If You Are:

  • Someone with more than 3 cats, because with multiple cats jumping into the box, it will never get the chance to start the cleaning process.
  • Someone who is unable to afford the disposable litter trays or the alternative attachments.

My Final Verdict

Overall, the Scoopfree litter box system is perfect for the busy person who is unable to keep up with the constant manual maintenance that a traditional litter box requires. The Scoopfree is easy to use and requires less time from you. The blue crystal litter that comes with the litter box is fantastic because unlike other litters, it actually kills odor from cat waste.

However, the litter box can get a little pricey to maintain when you have to keep buying disposable litter trays every few weeks.  If you’re a busy cat owner and you don’t mind spending the maintenance money, this is definitely the way to go. But if you can’t afford it, your cat will thank you for sticking to a traditional litter box. Click here to check out more details about its price