(Last Updated On: July 25, 2019)

You have probably heard about dogs getting sick from the bite of a tick or getting infected by a parasite. Everybody thinks that that kind of things only happens to other dogs and dog owners. That can happen to everyone, including your furry four-legged friend. One bite is all it takes for your dog to get infected by parasites. Luckily, there are some things you can do in order to protect your dog from getting sick.

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simple fleas guard

Today, we will talk about one of the things you can do to keep your companion safe. More precisely, we will talk about the product called Simple Guard 3 and all the benefits it has to offer when it comes to protecting dogs from parasites.


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What is Simple Guard 3?

Simple Guard 3 is the guardian angel of your dog. This product kills and repels lice, adult fleas, sand flies, mites, and ticks that are preying on animals. What makes this product great is that it kills directly on contact.

That means that parasites won’t even have a chance at biting your dog nor they will need to feed in order to die. This repellent greatly reduces chances of your dog getting infected by parasites by keeping them at bay. As soon as you apply it, you can expect adult fleas to die in 2 hours tops. Simple Guard 3 effectively prevents fleas from laying their eggs and hatching. Basically, it destroys pupae, larvae, and eggs. After you apply this repellent, your dog will be safe for one month, and it will remain active even after swimming and bathing.

How Should You Apply It?

The application is really simple. It comes packed in the applicator with a long tip that allows you to easily get through the coat to the skin. The tip is rounded, so you don’t have to worry that you will scratch your dog. The applicator is easy to apply as well as easy to open. You won’t need scissors to open it or worry about spilling the repellent. What makes this container unique is the one-click design that allows quick and easy application. You won’t find a container like this anywhere else because it is patented.

  • Only for dogs
  • Hold the applicator upright
  • Push the smaller disk toward a larger
  • You will feel the seal break
  • Apply it directly on the skin of your dog

My Dog Is Starting To Itch!

It is perfectly normal if your dog becomes itchy after applying Simple Guard 3. Repellent needs to spread out through the entire skin, and sometimes it can result in itching sensation. The best thing you can do is to try and distract your dog with play or taking him on a walk. Just don’t let him scratch himself and don’t panic. Every dog is different, and every dog reacts differently to some things. Just stay calm and keep your little companion occupied.

All About Repellency:

You have probably heard this word already, but do you know what exactly does it mean? There are different effects repellency might have. If we are talking about flying parasites such as mosquitoes and flies, those parasites will turn away as soon as they get near your dog because they will sense the presence of repellent. However, if we are talking about tick and fleas, the situation is somewhat different. First of all, they can’t change their mind as easily as flies and just fly away. Fleas and ticks will get on your dog, but once they realize that repellent is present there, they will try to get off your dog. Those fleas and ticks will die shortly after.

What If I Still Spot Fleas?

If you still see fleas on your dog, don’t worry. The presence of fleas just means that the Simple Guard 3 is working. As we have stated previously, repellency forces the fleas to get off your dog and that is why you will probably see them on the coat. They are just trying to get away from the skin where the repellent is. There is no safe place for fleas and ticks once the Simple Guard 3 starts to work and all of them will scurry to the surface in hopes to save themselves. Once they get exposed to the repellent, they won’t be able to bite your dog, and they will die shortly after so it might be the best idea to keep your dog outside for the first couple of hours after applying Simple Guard 3.

My Pet’s Hair Seems A Little Greasy –  Is That Normal?

Since this repellent contains various agents such as bioadhesive agents which are often needed to stabilize the formula of the repellents. This helps the Simple Guard 3 to spread better across your dog’s skin and allows it to continuously kill fleas and ticks for a period of 30 days. Because of that, sometimes dog’s hair can wick up. Don’t worry, this is completely normal, and it is easily solvable. The only thing you will have to do is to brush your dog’s hair couple of times, and that oily look will disappear.


Keeping your pet safe should be a priority. You wouldn’t let him be cold, thirsty, or hungry. Why let him roam grass and parks unprotected? Ticks and other parasites can pose a serious health threat to your companion, so it is vital to keep him protected. Simple Guard 3 offers unrivaled protection for your pet. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is safe and sound at any given moment from any disease a mosquito, tick, or a flea can transfer to him. Using this repellent is easy, and it is guaranteed to last for 30 days. Show your dog how much you love him and keep him protected with Simple Guard 3.