(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

For the most part, cats are largely self-sufficient creatures, which is why we assume that they know what’s good for them and their health. But the truth is that most cats don’t drink enough and it’s very important for you as a cat owner to take initiative and get your cat to drink more water. If not done, your cat is in risk of health problems like urinary stones and kidney failure, which are not only unhealthy but also very painful for your cat.

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Tips To Get Your Cat Drinking More Water

1. Switch Diets

Your cat’s diet most likely consists of dry food, so one way to get your cat more hydrated is to give it canned food. Now it’s going to be an issue of preference, as some cats may not like or are not used to canned food. In this case, try adding water or broth to dry food and see if that appeals to your cat.

How much water should my kitty be drinking each day?


For cats that like canned food, up the ante by also adding water or broth to that. The soupy consistency is a hit with some cats, and your cat may like it as well.

For those of you who are more adventurous, you can also try mixing dry and canned cat food to see what kind of diet appeals to your cat’s taste buds best. Just remember that what’s important is to get more water into their system.

2. Ice Cubes

You may add ice cubes to your cat’s food or water, as it acts like an additional treat for your cat. Some cats also like their water cold, similar to how some humans prefer their drinks cold.

3. Small But Frequent Feedings

Eating triggers thirst for your cat, so giving your cats more frequent meals in small amounts will help maintain their diet while also prompting their thirst. In turn, your cat may be more interested in drinking more water.

4. Try Different Kinds Of Water

Cats are pretty finicky creatures, so you might want to consider offering your own different kinds of water to see what it likes best. Options include tap water, filtered water, distilled water, bottled water, mineral water, and more. It may seem like a tedious job figuring out what your cat wants, but once you do find out it will be much easier to give your cat the water it prefers.

5. Easy Access To Water

Allowing your cat to have easy access to water around the house may entice it to drink more. You can do this by setting up several water stations around the house so that your cat can drink anywhere and anytime it gets thirsty. It may seem redundant, but your cat’s comfort is what matters here.

6. Location

Also important is knowing where to set up your cat’s water bowls, mainly away from the litterbox. It’s the same principle for them as it would be for us as we also would not be very interested in drinking by the toilet bowl.

7. Refill Regularly and Keep Bowls Clean

Cats like fresh water, and I’m sure you prefer it too. That being said, you should look into keeping your cat’s water bowl refilled with fresh water at least once a day. Clean the pet fountain. Don’t forget to wash the water bowl with soap and water to keep it from accumulating dirt. Cats will stay away from their bowls if they think it smells unpleasant


8. Tap Water

If your cat is a fan of drinking from running water, you can look into making a habit out of letting them drink from the tap several times in a day. Of course you’d have to turn the tap on yourself, but think of it as an opportunity to further bond with your pet. If you’re worried about additional expenses for water, you can think that it offsets any veterinary costs in the long run. Plus, you’ll save you and your cat the misery of getting dehydrated and/or sick from lack of hydration.

9. Add Flavor

Try to make the water more appealing by adding flavor to it like tuna juice or chicken broth, both proven cat favorites!

10. Cat Fountains

Another form of running water, but this time specially designed for your cat’s drinking comfort. Your cat may need a fountain. Pet fountains like Drinkwell 360 is a great choice for busy households that don’t have much time to keep on changing the water bowl regularly. The water in the fountain keeps on running, so it remains fresh. Plus, it’s guaranteed to pique your kitty’s interest and invite them to drink more than the usual amount of water. These cat fountains come in different styles and configurations like the Big Max. They also look good with your home’s décor and do not take up that much of a space.

11. Change Up The Water Bowls

Cats are finicky creatures, and sometimes this applies to the most basic of things like their water bowl. Try changing up your cat’s water bowl and see what kind of material appeals the most to them. You can choose from glass, stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic bowls. You can also try setting up different bowls at the same time and see which one gets emptied the fastest.

Take note that the material of your cat’s water bowl may also factor into just how frequently you have to clean it. Remember that cats are sensitive to scents, so you will have to clean plastic bowls more frequently than say, ceramic or stainless steel ones.

Generally, cats will prefer a shallow but large bowl. This is because a cat’s sensitive whiskers get stimulated when it puts its head down deeper bowls, and that may not be a pleasant sensation for your cat. It’s for the same reason that you should keep the water bowls filled to the brim at all times.

12. Contact Your Vet

If all else fails, consider giving your veterinarian a call. You can ask them to check up your cat for signs of dehydration and if your cat is diagnosed to be dehydrated, your vet will definitely take measures to get your cat hydrated again.